Qasba Corniche

Since we are staying at Sharjah so we wanted to go to some nearby location where we can have a quality time. After researching much, we found out that we should visit Qasba Corniche that is a leisure spot at Sharjah; therefore, we took the taxi from Sahara Center to Qasba Corniche that costed us AED 20. We first reached the beach at Qasba Corniche and enjoyed the sunset there and took some beautiful photos. The beach was so peaceful and there were hardly any people there that helped us to refresh our mind and enjoy the romantic sunset.

After the sunset we walked towards the area with array of restaurants all over. It was a beautiful place and I loved the ambiance and architecture of the place. There were many restaurants with ample variety of food, name it and you find it. Qasba corniche offers a lot for people ranging from any age group. There is an amazing kids area with different rides where kids can enjoy their time while parents can relax ūüėÄ There were different types of boats with different types of boat rides. There is also a couple boat ride and we went for that and enjoyed the beautiful and most romantic views.

Best attraction at Qasba Corniche is the scenic ride at ‘The Eye of the Emirates’. The air conditioned cabins will lift you high in the sky above sharjah and will give you most scenic view of the city. The cost per person for the ride was AED 30 and the tremendous experience totally justified the cost ‚̧

In short, I am totally in love with the place and will definitely visit it again.

If you are coming from Dubai then you can take bus to sharjah and then from Sharjah just take the cab for AED 20 only and enjoy the beautiful place.

Reduce Anxiety Naturally! Ways to Deal with it with Natural Supplements

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In this post I am going to write some key points about how to cure anxiety naturally and what are the ways to deal with it through natural supplements.

Key Points:

  • There is a saying “You are what you eat”. 85% of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuff. You know what it means? STOP BUYING IT, ¬†and go more for bio.
  • Many foods can help you reduce anxiety naturally like oranges, this fruit packs a whack of vitamin C which works as a medicine for brain, it makes your immune system stronger and also reduced stress hormones. Almonds,¬†eat 6 almonds with a warm glass of milk for good sleep and reduced anxiety. Salmon,¬†overcome the deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids which plays a big part in your anxiety. So add salmon to your diet and take one step closer to reduce your anxiety problem.
  • Cardio exercises, Running, Hiking, Yoga and deep breathing. Do it and feel the difference.
  • Regular SEX,¬†If you don‚Äôt get regular sex (4-5 times a week), you thoroughly¬†don‚Äôt know how good¬†it could be for your anxiety. If you are in a relationship and are oftentimes¬†having sex, it can be both pleasurable and put your mind and body in a relaxing state. Avoid masturbating!

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  • Last but not least, do whatever the fuck you want to do, stop overthinking and¬†just be you and if people don’t like it, not your problem


How to Rank High in Search Engines: Sophisticated SEO


What is SEO?

It is the process to make your website visible on search engines and getting traffic to your website or web page without spending any money.

It is important to understand, what is the purpose of search engine optimisation (SEO) first and why is it so important for website owners? The purpose of SEO is to making your website visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  The reason why it is such a big concern for the people or businesses who have a website is that it will result free traffic or visitors to their business website and these visitors can be converted into customers without paying a single dime. 

How You Do It ?

Internal elements and external elements are the two main categories which can give you fruitful results for your search engine optimisation efforts. In this blog post I am only going to talk to about the internal elements of the website.

So what are the Internal elements? Internal element includes three of the following properties. 

  • HTML and meta description
  • Content of the website
  • Design or Architecture of the website

HTML and Meta Description:

It is basically a content for search engines and you are guiding crawler¬†what’s your website or web page is about. Below are the some factors which involves in HTML and Meta Description.

 Page Title Tags: 

Page Title Tags Appears on Google

Page title tags explains the readers What your content is on the page or what your page is all about, which also includes your targeted keyword as you can see in the above picture and page title tags description should be under 60 characters.

Meta Description:

Meta Description Appears on Google

Meta Description summarises the content of a specific web page and its main intention is to bring the visitor from Google to click your link. In other words, meta descriptions are there to generate click-through from search engines. The characters limit of the meta description of the website is not more than 155 characters. 

Content of the Website:

We all probably heard it before that “Content is King”. So if you want to have a website which you want to be successful from an Search engine optimisation point of you, you need to have exceptional content that keeps readers engage and it should be unique content with the utilisation of targeted keywords in that content but make sure it is protected from keyword stuffing.

Quality of the website content shows how detailed the content is and how well it is written. It must include enough length of the content or article you are writing with no space for grammatical or spelling error and should include headings or subheadings. 

Design or Architecture of the website:

The right website structure can help your SEO efforts fly high while the wrong one can stultify them.

Social Anxiety is Nothing But, Its You vs Your Mind

If you are reading this post probably you guys have some idea about what actually social anxiety is and how does it feel to have this problem but I am going to explain it in few sentences just in case to give my readers some information about it.


What is Social anxiety?

Social anxiety, you can call it social phobia or social fear, is a dread to face people or social situation without any reason. In this situation people often don’t feel any kind of fear. As soon as they start thinking about this problem or as soon as their mind start playing with them this anxiety kicks in, which results in¬†intense restiveness¬†and self-consciousness that arise from a fear of being closely watched, judged,¬†criticised, questioned and teased by others which sometimes end up in panic attacks, it depends upon how much level of anxiety someone has.

Everyone of us use our mind differently and they react in a different way either in a social situation or any other. Some people feel anxiety in a social interaction as their mind is messing up with them and they can’t control it and some can easily control their mind an divert their mind from negative thoughts which come during social gathering like being judged, criticised or teased.


  • Intense anxiety in social situation.
  • Avoiding social interaction or not taking part in group or social conversation or using mobile phones just to avoid any attention.
  • Other symptoms include pounding heartbeat, sweating, shivering.


  • According to research it is suggested that genetic components may also have contributed since¬†social anxiety may be reasonably more likely to pass off¬†when it is also present in a first-degree relative¬†sibling or parent.
  • Some research also suggested that¬†children or youngsters who were¬†over protected by their parents or siblings and may not be allowed to spend much time with their friends or in social circle have developed this social anxiety problem as they¬†may not learn good social skills as part of their mental¬†development.
  • Being bullied or cut off from their compeer.
  • Depression.


  • CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Cognitive means thinking or thinking processes. With this strategy you learn how to gradually change your way of thinking, the way you perceive things. This therapy removes negative self-consciousness and interpretations.¬†It teaches people to react differently to the situations that trigger their anxiety symptoms.
  • Medication: Different types of drugs are used to treat social anxiety disorder, including¬†antidepressants like Cipralex ((escitalopram) or some beta blockers like Nebivolol.
  • Meditation and¬†relaxation techniques such as deep breathing may also help somebody¬†deal with social anxiety disorder.
  • Learn strategy to control and eventually stop automatic negative¬†thoughts.


Integration of Social Media in Marketing Strategies


There is a very little guidance by the academic literature and business press for the marketing manager about effective integration of social media in marketing communication strategies.

With the increase in social media trend, the user-generated consumer-to-consumer communication has also got importance in market place. It is difficult for the manager to control the timing, frequency and content of conversations on social media between customers; therefore, it is essential for managers to learn to shape customer’s discussions in consistency with organisational mission and performance goals. This can be accomplished through different methods like blogs, social media, networking platforms and various promotional tools for enhancing customer’s engagement. Social media has become a way through which customers get engaged with a product or services and communicate about it. Thus, social media is becoming an effective engagement tool for customers, which is beneficial for the companies as well. The emergence of social media has changed the tools and strategies for communication with customers which is the reason that social media is also referred as consumer/user-generated/created media.


Social media has given rise to the new sources of online information which is created, manipulated and spread by the consumers with an intention of making them aware about the product, idea, brand and services. Social media has become a very important factor that influences different consumer behaviour aspects including purchase behaviour, information acquisitions, post purchase communication, opinions, awareness and attitudes.

The new communications paradigm enables online marketing managers to understand the nature and the power of customer’s communication through social media. This has brought significant changes in traditional marketing communication mix. The new marketing communication paradigm has transformed manager’s attitude by communicating the huge information about company’s products and services through social media. The new marketing communication paradigm enables the effective consumers’ communication which has left a huge impact on different consumer behaviour aspects ranging from information gathering to post purchase expressions. As a result of new marketing communication paradigm, consumers now rely more on the social media as a source of information to make their final purchase decision.


False Hype of Social Media Marketing 2016

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Most of the people ask these questions about social media marketing that what are the most effective social media marketing strategies in 2016, how their business can get the maximum leads which ultimately converts into sales and profit. Well to be honest there are no big updates in 2016 except few. I have seen lots of bloggers bragging  about the new social media marketing strategies in 2016 with big font bold heading, but once you start reading their post you are going to realise that most of their post consists of same things which we already knew before.

Hey! but don’t get me wrong, I know you guys came here to get some new information about social media marketing, so let’s get started.

Effectiveness of Social Media.

First of all there is a question that why social media is very powerful and businesses are so much concerned about it. Lets take an example of few years before from now, in order to get the attention many businesses need to pay a lot of money to create the brand awareness through newspaper, magazine, radio, television and other mediums. But now all these channels are free like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on and most of all there are huge number of audience you can reach out quickly through these mediums. But keep in mind its free so you going to have more competition and its up to you how you going to rise above the noise and how you are going do that?

By creating good content and sharing it to social websites it can be helpful in¬†hitting the needs of your targeted audience. So basically through your content you need to create the need as well in a way that customers are bound to buy your product or services. Don’t just post content about your business or products, mix up your post give your audience¬†a resourceful content that they get some information¬†from your content. How do you post the interesting content that creates a kind of engagement which ultimately increases your fellowship. But the point is to give your audience some educational content or entertainment content this is what the social media audiences are looking for.

You should have a good product in order to get the subscribers. Also you can reach out other influential YouTube channels and do the cross promotional activities. There are YouTube channels having millions of subscribers you can ask them to do cross promotional activities.

Stay tuned for more information, If you like this small piece of information don’t forget to share it or if you got something to add up or what are your exciting ideas to implement them please let me known by simply comment below.